CFD Faculty Member Participates in The 1st Academic Teaching Sharing Day in Fudan University
TIME: 2016-12-14     CLICKS: 30

On December 7th, 2016, the Center for Faculty Development of Fudan University held The 1st Academic Teaching Sharing Day. Associate Researcher Chen Xugan of CFD participated in the activity. The purpose of the Center of Fudan University was to promote academic teaching development and guide teachers to actively solve practical problems of teaching and learning”.

The sharing activity of teaching and research lasted a whole day. Teachers and special guest researchers of the Center gave eight reports to some 60 participants, namely, “The Implications of Seven Blended Teaching Cases in Fudan University” (Delivered by Ding Yan), “The Application and Effects of PAD Class in Colleges” (Zhang Xuexin), “Exploring Effective Teaching Experiences from Survey Dataof Students on General Education Core Courses” (Lu Yi), “Why Use New Teaching Methods (NiuXinchun), “Explory-based Class Interaction Design” (Chen Kan), “Multi-level Theoretical TeachingBased on Application” (Li Zhiqing), “Analysis of Students’ Online Learning Behaviors andEffects” (Zhang Xiangdong), “Research on the Supporting and Promoting Method of Students’ Online Learning” (Zhang Chenghong). All the eight reports are rich in content and have cutting-edge researchangles in teaching practices. Through presenting their high-level teaching research achievements, theCenter for Faculty Development of Fudan University fully displayed its pioneering role in fostering teaching research development.

Professor Wang Ying, Deputy Director of the Center first reviewed the teaching research work and achievements since establishment, and introduced the special researcher system and three major categories of researches, focusing on innovative teaching mode, undergraduates’ learning situation and online learning data conducted by the first group of invited researchers. Professor Wang Ying then pointed out that the focus of future teaching and research work will be located in three areas: first,research system and project-oriented working should be promoted to attract more teachers to participate in teaching research; second, teaching academic achievements and academic teaching culture should be advocated and popularized; third, personalized consulting services should be provided for teachers’ to conduct teaching researches. The activity left four main expressions: first, to carry out teaching researches on promoting teaching effectiveness will be important work of the centers for faculty development in thefuture; Second, the transformation of traditional teacher development projects should be based on teaching and learning philosophy; Third, the competence of conducting teaching researches is a basic connotation of teachers’ professional development; Fourth, new mechanisms are urgently needed to promote the development of teaching research.

CFD of Southeast University has attempted constant endeavors to promote the academic attributes of teaching practices in recent years, and invited experts of higher education to gave lectures on methods and principles of teaching research to young teachers of SEU, such as Prof. Gong Fang from Nanjing University, Associate Professor Zhang Haibo from Northeast Normal University, and Associate Researcher Ding Yan from Fudan University. CFD will continue to play its role in guiding teachers toconduct teaching researches in the future.

(translated by Chen Xi, edited by Hao Jie)