CFD Opens Training Course for Young Teachers of Science and Engineering from Colleges in Jiangsu Province
TIME: 2016-12-13     CLICKS: 31

In order to implement the Education Plan of Jiangsu Province, and build high-level teaching staff, CFD entrusted by the Teacher Training Center of Jiangsu Province, held a training course for young college teachers of science and engineering to enhance their practice ability during December 5th to 11st. The training course aimed to strengthen college teachers’ construction, and to improve their competence of teaching, conducting academic research, technology development and application.

In the morning of December 5th, Prof. Li Xiaoxiang of CFD hosted the opening ceremony and expressed his warm welcome to the present 33 young teachers from 27 colleges and universities in Jiangsu. Prof. Li Xiaoxiang then introduced the history and school-running characteristics of SEU including some historical stories and celebrities. After the opening ceremony, CFD organized a visit to SEU’s landmark building—the auditorium, and took a group photo in it.

The main purpose of this training program is to enhance the practice ability of young teachers of science and engineering. Around this theme, the training program mainly consisted of theme reports on different majors, covering the cultivation of engineering education personnel, policy system and curriculum design, the path of young teachers’ professional development, the cultivation of talents for international cooperation, undergraduates’ innovation and entrepreneurship activities design, construction of engineering practice courses, experimental curriculum design, digitalized teaching practice and other topics.

Professor Wang Jingquan of the School of Civil Engineering was invited to give a speech titled “Reform and Practice of the Cultivation of Innovative and International Engineering Talents”. Professor Li Xiaoxiang, based on his experiences and reflections on teacher development, brought out a developmental path from doing a teacher, practicing pedagogical activities and being a teacher. Professor Zhu Ming of the Office of Teaching Affairs, based on SEU’s experiences of engineering certification, gave a systematical description of the main characteristics of engineering education certification, the challenges faced by traditional engineering, and curriculum design under the concept of engineering education. Professor Zhang Tong of the School of Architecture, shared a education mode of innovative and international talents of engineering from the perspective of international cooperation and innovation practice. Professor Cheng Jianchuan of the School of Transportation explored the characteristics and practical methods of field teaching. Teacher Yang Wenxie from the Communist Youth League of SEU illustrated ideas of the design and implementation of undergraduates’ innovation and entrepreneurship activities according to past experiences in this field. Professor Yin Guodong of the School of Mechanical Engineering gave a speech on “The Cultivation mode of Engineering Talents and Multi-level College-Company Cooperation”. Professor Hu Renjie from the Electrical & Electronic Experimental Center, Professor Chen Jixin and Prof. Zhao Hongxin from the School of Information Science and Engineering, and Prof. Zhai Yuqing from the School of Computer Science and Engineering all gave their opinions ofthe construction of practice and experiment courses. Prof. Ye Shuli from the School of Law and Prof. Wang Jue from the School of Humanities offered an inter-disciplinary understanding of engineering lawand engineering ethics. Mr. Chen Xugan and Mr.Yang Ankang from CFD also shared their viewpoints on improving classroom teaching performance from the perspectives of teaching quality assurance andeducation technology respectively.

The invited experts and scholars all have profound knowledge of their subject matter, which offered the present teachers valuable learning opportunities to have communication with those experts about problems such as discipline construction and the enhancement of their ability in curriculum design and practice.

The training program also provided a platform for mutual exchange and communication among the teachers from different colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, and offered CFD a chance to exert its impacts as a national demonstration center. CFD will rely on the strong force of outstanding teachers inside and outside SEU, and will be committed to building a training platform for colleges and teachers’professional development, and provide high quality teacher training services to the surrounding colleges.

(translated by Chen Xi, edited by Hao Jie)