Faculty Members from Beijing Union University Visit SEU
TIME: 2016-12-08     CLICKS: 46

In the morning of December 5th, 2016, Prof. Zhang Jiancheng, Deputy Director of the Office of Teaching Affairs, and 11 other college teachers of different schools of Beijing Union University visited SEU and exchanged working experiences of special disciplines’ construction and disciplines’ comprehensive reform with experts in SEU. Professor Li Xiaoxiang of CFD first made a general introduction of SEU’s development background. Professor Wei Haikun, Deputy Dean of the School of Automation of SEU introduced some measures taken in the process of constructing featured disciplines inSEU. Mr. Chen Xugan gave a detailed description of for our training program for newly in-service teachers and teachers’ teaching competition. Mr. Yang Ankang illustrated CFD’s main working focus on teaching evaluation. After the meeting, the guests visited the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in SEU, and were impressed by the initiatives and achievements made in our teaching practices.

(translated by Chen Xi, edited by Hao Jie)