Ms. Wang Xiuhuai from Taiwan University Opens Teaching Workshop in SEU
TIME: 2016-12-05     CLICKS: 29

Ms. Wang Xiuhuai from Taiwan University was invited to open a workshop on the theme of “The Teaching Design and Interactive Discussion Activities to Stimulate Students’ Engagement” from December 1st to 2nd, 2016. The workshop mainly included two sections: BOPPPS Micro-Teaching Principles and Practices, and Design of Classroom Interactive Discussion Activities. 30 young teachers of SEU participated in the workshop.

How to design a good curriculum in order to better achieve effective teaching? Ms. Wang Xiuhuai analyzed the relationship between teaching and learning, students’ characteristics in the present era, the traits of talents needed in the future, and the challenges faced by college teachers, and then presented her personal experiences of effective teaching, namely to use BOPPPS to make teaching design and activate class discussion.

Wang firstly introduced the basic structure and principle of “BOPPPS effective teaching”, and several modules of BOPPPS: B(Bridge in), O (Objective or Outcomes), P (Pre-test), P(Participation), P(Posttest), S (Summary). Shen then also explained the six elements through a few cases, and listed some examples of making micro-curriculum designs by using BOPPPS.

In the afternoon, Ms. Wang explained and demonstrated the interactive teaching method of how to make active discussion. First, she arranged teachers in pair discussion to stimulate their discussion intention and make them enjoy the experience. By taking different kinds of discussion such as pair discussion and group discussion, teachers can think about the advantages and disadvantages of each type and identify the most appropriate form for classroom teaching. Then, she let teachers experience different roles in group discussion, and guided teachers to design different problems and strategies based on the characteristics of different roles, and asked them to make a complete class discussion design. Finally, each group were asked to make comments on other groups and learn from each other.

A one-and-a-half-day workshop reached a successful end in the teachers’ discussion activity. The present teachers expressed that the workshop has inspired their ideas in updating their educational concept, reforming classroom teaching mode and maximizing students’ autonomous thinking ability.

(translated by Chen Xi, edited by Hao Jie)