CFD Organizes Undergraduates to Use Network System to Evaluate Teachers’ Teaching Performance in the Autumn Semester of 2016-17 Academic Year
TIME: 2016-11-30     CLICKS: 30

In order to further promote the continuous improvement of teaching quality, standardize teaching management, promote teaching development of SEU, CFD hence organizes and arranges this semester’s undergraduates’ evaluation on their teachers’ teaching performance through Network system. Now the arrangements are as follows:

1. Evaluation Contents

1.1Courses arranged in the third semester (autumn semester) of the 2014-2015 academic year, including theoretical courses, physical courses, and experimental courses;

1.2The Course Architectural Design to have a separate questionnaire survey

1.3Part of the courses for certain reasons such as the number of enrolled students being less than 10, having no scheduled teacher, or some other reasons, will not be included

1.4Undergraduate overseas students will not need to participate in the evaluation work

2. Evaluation Time and Procedure

2.1The evaluation platform opens twice during the autumn semester according to the school calendar:

(1)mid-term open date: November 7th, 2016 - November 25th, 2016 (2) Final-term open data: December 26th, 2016 - January 24th, 2017

2.2During the system is open, students can log in their “digital campus portal”, click on the “network evaluation” to give their assessment on teachers’ teaching performance

2.3 Students who have not completed their evaluation cannot have access to query their final scores of each course taken in this semester during the system is open

2.4Network evaluation system will close at the scheduled time, and won’t receive supplement evaluations afterwards. Students who have not completed the online teaching evaluation can query their final scores of each course in 3 working days

2.5CFD will summarize and analyze the evaluation data in the first week of next semester, and results will be sent to relevant schools and departments.

3. Other Notifications

Teaching departments should advocate, organize and manage students’ evaluation, and supervise students to give objective assessment. Students’ information of those who have not participated in the evaluation or given subjective comments will be emailed to related schools and departments for the record; if you have encountered any technical problems during the evaluation process, please call the service hotline of digital campus 83790808 (inside line 80808).

translated by Chen Xi, edited by Hao Jie