Teaching Supervision Team of Xiamen University Visit CFD
TIME: 2016-11-28     CLICKS: 28

On the afternoon of November 24th, 2016, Prof. Huang Guocong, Head of the Teaching Supervision Team, and three experts of the Team Prof. Lu Rongzhong, Prof. Chen Daoqian and Prof. Yang Wenchuan of Xiamen University, visited CFD to investigate and exchange working experiences of undergraduate teaching. Associate Researcher Chen Xu Gan of CFD hosted the seminar, and Teacher Gu Yujian attended the meeting.

Mr. Chen Xugan firstly welcomed the visit paid by the experts from the Teaching Supervision Team of Xiamen University, and briefly introduced the general situation and teacher training system of SEU, and the main functions of CFD. Then, Chen put more focus on the the concept and practice of undergraduate teaching supervision work of SEU, including its organizational structure, responsibilities and its working mode in supervising young teachers’ teaching competition, teaching training, and teaching evaluation. At the meeting, the two sides made an in-depth discussion about the role of supervision team, its function in the teaching quality assurance system, evaluation feedback mechanism and some other issues.

Both universities’ working mode of teaching supervision have their own characteristics and advantages. CFD will take this investigation as a beneficial opportunity for the improvement of our supervision work in undergraduate teaching, and hopes that further exchange can be made to improve the positive function of supervision work in assuring teaching quality in higher education institutions.

translated by Chen Xi, edited by Hao Jie