Associate Researcher Ding Yan from Fudan University Gives Lectures for Young Teachers of SEU
TIME: 2016-11-25     CLICKS: 32

How to conduct teaching research? It is a question that has been troubling college teachers who may don’t have education background of pedagogy but were cultivated with other subject matters. They can conduct discipline-related researches with great facility, but have encountered great difficulty in doing teaching research. As an effective way for teachers to reflect on and improve their teaching, teaching research has already become one of the most promising mode of teachers’ professional development. Therefore, CFD invited Associate Researcher Ding Yan, deputy director from the Center for Faculty Development of Fudan University to deliver a lecture on the topic of “How to conduct teaching research” to help clear the mind of young teachers and help them improve their professional development.

Associate Researcher Ding Yan started with answering three questions, namely why teachers need to do teaching research; what is teaching research; and teachers’ confusion of doing teaching research. And then Director Ding helped figure out the most fundamental and also important link in doing teaching research, that is how to identify an meaningful teaching research topic, and later used a teaching research case to help teachers get a preliminary understanding of a complete design of teaching research plan. In the main lecture, the standard and technical problems of teaching research were explained in simple terms through three perspective of research procedure, research problem and research method, and a practical research was shared with the present teachers. After listening to the lecture, teachers began to have a brief understanding about different kinds of teaching research problems, and how to identify a clear and meaningful research question, examine its proprieties, and design a complete teaching research plan.

CFD has included the improvement of teachers’ capability in doing teaching research as one of our teachers’ professional development projects, and has carried out a series of endeavor in the past three years. Besides this lecture, CFD has already invited many scholars and researchers to give lectures and guidance on the topic of conducting teaching research, such as Professor Gong Fang (expert of higher education of Nanjing University), Associate Professor Zhang Haibo (young scholar of Northeast Normal University), Associate Researcher Xiao Disheng (Young Editor of Jiangsu Higher Education), Researcher Lin Lan (Associate Editor-in-Chief of Research in Educational Development), etc..

translated by Chen Xi, edited by Hao Jie