CFD Faculty Member Attends the Seminar Arranged for Visitors from Kaili University in SEU
TIME: 2016-11-14     CLICKS: 21

In the morning of November 4th, 2016, Director Liu Limin of the Student Affair Office, Teacher Wu Nannan of the Department of Career Services, and Deputy Director He Yamei of the Office of Enrollment and Employment from Kaili University, Guizhou Province, paid a visit to Southeast University, and were welcomed by Deputy Director Jiang Xuehua of the Student Affairs Office, and Chief Jiang Lili of the Student Work Office of SEU. CFD faculty member Gu Yujian also attended the seminar.

Director Jiang Xuehua first expressed a warm welcome to the visitors and briefly introduced the organizational structure and main functions of the Student Affairs Office of SEU. Chief Jiang Lili then gave a more detailed introduction of SEU’s Students Affairs Office’s work from five parts, the ideas of doing student work, cultivation of counselor teams, recruitment and publicity work, career guidance and mental health education. Director Liu Limin of the Student Affair Office of Guizhou Kaili University introduced the history and general situation of Kaili University. Then they exchanged views of public city and recruitment work, and the construction of administrative service center for teachers and students. Teacher Gu Yujian also introduced the general information and main work of CFD, and listened to the Office staff’s advice on how to better improve the present training outcomes of cultivating counselor teams. Director Jiang expressed her hope to have further cooperation with CFD to help promote the training outcome on counselors’ competence of teaching and doing academic research. It is an important function of CFD to promote the development of teacher education and student learning, and further cooperation and interaction with Student Affairs Office is highly encouraged and welcomed to commit to the development of effective teaching and student learning.

translated by Chen Xi, edited by Hao Jie