CFD Holds Ministry of Education’s National Network Online Training Conference on
TIME: 2016-11-07     CLICKS: 27

    In order to further promote the quality of engineering education in colleges and universities, improve the quality of engineering talents, and present achievements in engineering education of SEU and other universities, Higher Education Institutions Teacher Online Training Center, administered by the Ministry of Education, held a national network online training conference on “the Reform, Practice and Innovation of Colleges’ Engineering Education in the New Age” in Chunhui Hall on Sipailou Campus, SEU from October 28th to 30th, 2016. CFD made the event as one of the major activities in this year (highlight), and had applied for organizing the event and was finally approved by the Higher Education Institutions Teacher Online Training Center administered by the Ministry of Education. CFD has invited 10 experts from SEU and Prof. Yuan Fang as a special guest from Tianjin University to provide a collection of authoritative engineering education training courses on the theme of “The Reform, Practice and Innovation of Colleges’ Engineering Education in the New Age” through network platform from three levels, namely college, department/school/discipline, and curriculum, and five aspects, namely idea, policy, system, method and result.
      The training session began with a keynote speech titled “The Development of Universities and Cultivation of Excellent Engineering Talent: Ideas and Actions” delivered by the Vice President of SEU, Prof. Wu Gang. He started with the definition of engineering education and the development of domestic demand for engineering talents, and comprehensively introduced the reform ideas and achievements of SEU in engineering education from the perspective of colleges’ administration. Then, Prof. Zhang Tong from the School of Architecture, Prof. Chen Jun and Prof. Cheng Jianchuan from the School of Transportation, Prof. Zhai Yuqing from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Prof. Zhang Zhiqiang from the School of Mechanical Engineering, combined the reform with working practices implemented in their schools and introduced relative teaching reform practices from the perspective of different schools and disciplines. Prof. Ye Shu-li from the School of Law, and Prof. Wang Jue from the School of Humanities tended to highlight the humanity care in SEU’s engineering education from the perspective of engineering law and engineering ethics. Prof. Yuan Fang from Tianjin University, and Prof. Hu Renjie from the Electrical and Electronic Center used specific courses as examples to introduce their curriculum reform experiences in the field of engineering education. Teacher Yang Wenxie from the Committee of Communist Youth League introduced some achievements made in the innovation activities in SEU.
      CFD will rely on SEU’s long time accumulated experiences of engineering education, promote our characteristics of teaching development to be applied in other colleges and universities, and build solid and strong teacher development platforms to enhance CFD’s impacts in promoting the engineering education level in SEU and other surrounding colleges.

(translated by Chen Xi , edited by Hao Jie)