National Outline for Medium and Long-term Talents Development Plan (2010-2020)
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I.  Guiding Principles, Development Goals, and Overall Deployment
(1) Guiding Principles
(2) Development Objectives
(3) Overall Deployment
II.   The Main Task of the Construction of Talents Team
(1) Focus on Cultivating Innovative Scientific Talents
(2) Vigorously Develop Professionals in Short Supply of Key Areas in Economic and Social Development
(3)  Balance Promoting the Construction of Talents in Every Field
III.  The Innovation of Systems and Mechanisms
(1) Improve Management System of Talents Work
(2)Innovate the Working Regime of Personnel
IV.   Significant Policies
(1)  Fiscal, Taxation and Financial Policies of Ensuring the Priority for Talents Investment
(2)Training Policy of Enterprise-College-Research Cooperation
(3) Guiding Policy of Talents Flow into the Rural Grassroots and Remote Areas Policy
(4) Assistant Policy of Entrepreneurial Talents
(5) Painstaking Research and Innovation Policy of Sic-Tech Workers
(6) Rational Flow Policy of Political Talents, Corporate Managers and Technical Workers
(7) More Open Talents Policy
(8) Encouraging Talents Development Policy of the Non-Public Economic Organizations and New Social Organizations
(9) Public Service Policy of Promoting Talents Development
(10)Intellectual Property Protection(IPP) Policy
V.   Major Projects to Foster Innovate Talent
(1)The Promotion Plan of Innovative Talents
(2  The Development Plan of Young Talents
(3) The Quality Promotion Project of Enterprise Administrative Management
(4)  The Training Project of High Quality Talents
(5) Cultural Expert Project
(6) Talents Guarantee Project of People Health and Hygiene
(7) The Introduction Plan of Overseas High-level Personnel
(8) Knowledge Updating Project of Professional and Technical Personnel
(9) The Revitalization Plan of National Skillful Talent
(10)The Assistant Plan of Modern Agriculture Talent
(11)The Personnel Assistant Plan of Remote and Poor Areas,Frontier Minority Area and Old Revolutionary Areas
(12)Grass-roots Nurturing Plan of College Graduates
VI.   Organization and Implementation
(1)    Strengthening Organizational Leadership on Implementing the Work of the Talents Development Plan Outline
(2)     Establishing and Improving the System of the Talent Development Plan Outline
(3) Building up a Fine Social Environment to Carry out the Talents Development Plan
(4) Strengthening the Fundamental Construction of Talents Work
According to the general demands that better empower the nation through human resource development put forward by the 17th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the State Council have formulated the Talent Development Plan  Outline ,aiming to realize the full-fledged construction of a well-to-do society through providing qualified personnel.

Talents mean the labors with high ability and quality in human resources, who has a certain amount of professional knowledge or specialized skills, carry out creative work and contribute to the society. All in all, they are the important resources of the China’s social and economic development. In the course of the human society development, talents have been the significant driving force towards social progress and civilization, people’s prosperity and wellbeing and national prosperity. The world today is undergoing major development, great changes and major adjustments. In the situation where in-depth developments happen in the world multipolarization, economic globalization, and breathtaking advancement of science and technology, knowledge-economy is in the ascendant. Accelerating the talents development is an important strategy to win the predominance in our fiercely international completion. Now at a crucial stage of China's reform and development, where we must achieve some goals ,such as deeply fulfill the scientific concept on development ,promote all-round progress in socialist economic, political, cultural, social and ecological development and drive the in-depth development of industrialization, informatization,urbanization ,marketization and internationalization. On one hand, we must vigorously improve the national quality; On the other hand, we should speed up the our talents competition; Now china is from human resources country heading into talent country, aiming to build up a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the great revival of China.
Our Party and country have been attaching great importance to human resource development. Since the foundation of PRC, especially reform and opening up, our government has put forward lots of measures and policies to strengthen human resources development, so that has trained a large number of talents in various fields. At the new stage in the new century, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have made a major decision to carry out the strategy that makes China stronger by producing more outstanding personnel, which has become a basic strategy for China’s economic and social development and has gained great achievements. New look has presented: Scientific view of talent has been gradually established; The number of high level and high technique oriented talents is bigger; Policy system which is conducive to the talent development is gaining further refining; The market allocation of human resources also does initially play a fundamental role; Performance of talents has significantly improved; The new pattern that the party monitor talents working has formed basically. However, we must be clearly aware that comparing with the advanced countries in the world, the overall level of our talents development is lagging behind. There are many place suitable to the requirement of our social and economic development, such as shortage of high—level innovative talents ,weakness in innovation and entrepreneurship , unreasonable structure and layout, the system blocking talent development has not yet removed, inadequate investment in the human resource development, etc.
The next 10 years will witness an important period of strategic opportunities of talent development. Further enhancing the sense of responsibility, mission and crisis, positive coping with the increasing fierce international competition for talent, and actively adapting to the demand of our social and economic society, we will unswervingly follow the routine that talents strengthen the country, and carry out scientific planning, deepening reform, overall advance and major breakthrough to create a new situation, where will be a cradle of brilliant talents.
(1)Guiding Principles
Unswervingly uphold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, follow the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, and thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development; Respect labor, knowledge, talents and creation, and better implement the strategy of empowering the nation through human resource development; Insist on the principle of the Party being in charge of talents ,and comply to the laws in socialist market economy and the growth  pattern of talents ; Accelerate reform of the talents development system, mechanism and policy innovation, open wider to the outside world , and exploit and utilize international and domestic resources and markets; By focusing on training high level and high skilled talents, we provide a strong talent guarantee and widely intellectual support in order to realize a better off society. From present to the near future, the guiding principle of our talents development is as follows: Serve Development, Engage Talents, Position Talents, Restitute Systems, Explore High Talents and Equalize the Overall instigation.
Serve the Development. Regard serving the development as the starting point and the end of the talents work, determine the task of building up talent groups by focusing on the scientific development, take measures according to the needs of scientific development, and inspect personnel performance with its fruits.
Engage Talents. Set up strategic layout of engage talents development in the social and economic society, and make full use of the talents’ basic and strategic role, boosting our future economic development relying on scientific and technological progress, and a higher quality labor force.
Position Talents. Giving full play of talents in every field should be our fundamental task; focusing on cultivating and attracting talents, actively provide opportunity and condition for talents to start a business and realize their value, in order to unleash the national people’s intelligence and innovation.
    Restitute the System. Treat deepen reform as the fundamental force in driving talent development, resolutely remove the ideological and system obstacles ,and construct the talents development system that adapts to the socialist market economy and is conducive to scientific development, for the purpose of taking maximum limit to stimulate the creativity of talents.
    Explore High Talents. For the sake of giving full play of the high level talents’ leading role in the social and economic development, we cultivate leaders being good at ruling a nation, top entrepreneurs with excellent operational management and market development capability, Scientists, engineers, sociologist, writers, artist, and educators reaching advanced world level , highly skilled workers,  leaders who can guide the construction of socialism new countryside, and professionalized and specialized talents.
    Equalize the Overall Instigation. Strengthen the training of talents, attach our attention to the education of ideals and beliefs, and professional morals, and nurture the spirits of struggling and dedicating, hard work, honesty and working together, to promote the overall development of people; In addition, we also should care about the talent’s growth, and encourage and support everyone to make contribution, to be a talent and be succeeded; Engage both markets of domestic and abroad, and explore all resources from cities, country sides, regions and industries that can facilitate the development of human resources and talent teams.
    (2) Development Objectives
By 2020, the overall goal of our country’s talents development is that cultivating talent teams which are large scale, structure optimization, reasonable layout and high quality and enter into the world’s talent power so as to lay the talents foundations for realizing modernization in the middle of the century, as described in the following subsections.
——The steady growth of talent resources gross and increasingly expanding of the team: Talent resources gross will be added to 0.18 billion from today’s 0.114 billion, increasing by 58%,and  raise the proportion of talent resources in human resources gross to 16% ,which will basically meet the needs of social and economic development.
——Greatly improvement of the talent quality and further optimization of its structure: The proportion of prime working-age population with advanced education would be reached 20%.The number of research staff in per ten thousand labors will be 43 every year. The proportion of high skilled workers in skilled men would be reached 28%. The structures of distribution, level, types, characters and such like will become reasonable.
——Significantly enhancement of the comparative advantage of talents competiveness: Its competitive ability will be improved gradually, and the efficiency of talents scale improved significantly. In the near future, our country will cultivate a number of talents in key fields ,such as equipment manufacturing, information, biotechnology, new material, aerospace, ocean, financial accounting, ecological environmental protection, new energy ,agriculture technology, propaganda ideological and cultural work.
——Significantly improvement of talents performance: With breakthrough in the restitution of talent development system, a profuse talent resources and right talents should be in place. Human capital investment should reach 15% in gross domestic product. 33% economic growth will be contributed by human resources and 35% contributed by talents (see chart).
(3)Overall Deployment
   First, put talents investment in priority, improve the investment mechanism in government, society, units and individuals, increase the investment in talent development to improve the benefit in talents investment; Second, innovate talent-training model , by focusing on ideology construction ,outstanding innovation spirits and capability ,and greatly improve the overall quality of talents in fields ;Third, promote strategic adjustment of the talents structure, give full play to the fundamental role of market in allocating talents resources, and improve macroeconomic regulation so as to boost good coordination between talent structure and the economic and social development; Forth, create large-scale high quality talent teams,highlight the cultivation of innovative talents in science and technology ,attach great importance to cultivate talents and inter-disciplinary talents , vigorously develop professional personnel short in key areas of economic and social development, for the sake of building up the talents planning as a whole; Fifth, reform the system and mechanism of talents development, improve talents management system, innovate talents mechanisms, including training, evaluation discovery, selection and appointment , flow and configuration , incentive guarantee, to create a system environment where is energetic, more efficient and open. Sixth, vigorously attract high-level overseas and urgently needed talents, insist on independent development, and utilize education and training resources at home and abroad. Seventh, speed up building up talents work and the legal system, and establish and perfect the laws and regulations, by adhering to administration according to the law, in order to protecting people’s legal rights and interests .Eighth, to strengthen and improve the party’s leadership over the talent’s work, perfect the pattern that the party supervise the personnel and innovate methods, in order to provide strong organization guarantee for talents development.
Talents development promotion needs to overall planning, and should be implemented step by step. In 2015, there will be big breakthroughs in the system construction and mechanism innovation. In 2020, full implementation of various tasks ensures to achieve the goal of talents development.
II.   The Main Task of Talents Team Construction
(1) Focuse on Cultivating Innovative Scientific Talents
Development goals: Focusing on improving independent innovative capacity, and build uping up an innovative country, putting the high-level innovative scientific and technological talents in priority, we make great efforts to create a number of world-class scientists, leading science and technology personnel, engineers and high level innovation teams. Pay attention to cultivate young scientific and technological personnel, and aim to build up grand science and technology talent teams. In 2020, the total number of research staff will reach 3.8 million per year, and high-level innovative talents of science and technology will amount to about 40 thousand.
Major measures: Innovate personnel training mode, and establish open cultivation system, which is a combination of school education and practice, and domestic and international communication; Explore and carry out innovative education methods, highlight cultivating students’ scientific spirit, creative thinking and innovation ability; Strengthen practice training, and rely on many aspects, including national major scientific research projects and engineering, key disciplines and research bases, academic projects for international exchanges and cooperation, for the purpose of constructing training bases for high-level innovative talents; Strengthen training the leaders, R&D talents, and innovative teams, so that forming reasonable structure, which talents orderly arrange, and have independent innovation ability improved; Deepen reform and perfect the management system of science and technology , which defines right and responsibility, scientific evaluation, and innovative leading, and improve entrepreneurial innovation measures including evaluation , using, and incentives of scientific and technological talents, to further liberate and develop the productive forces of science and technology; Improve the academician system, pay attention to the academician title’s spirit incentives, regulate academician part-time jobs; Increase attracting high-level overseas innovative talents and implement such plans as innovative talents advancing and high-level overseas talents introduction; Push forward national funded programs (the 100-Talent Program, Chang Jiang Scholars Program, and National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars), and pay attention to train inter-disciplinary, by breaking seniority concept and boosting investment in discovery, training, appointment, and support for the young outstanding scientific and technological personnel; Strengthen the industry-university-institute cooperation, attach attention to the cultivation of operational management talents, push talents move towards the enterprises; Develop innovation culture, advocate innovative spirits ——the pursuit of truth, scaling new heights, being tolerant of failure ,solidarity; Build up innovative environment—— scientific and democratic ,academic freedom, rigorous realism ,open and inclusive; Establish and perfect research integrity system, to strictly govern academic misconduct.
(2) Vigorously Develop Professionals in Short Supply of Key Areas in Economic and Social Development
Development goals: To adapt to the needs of developing modern industry system and building up a harmonious socialist society, speed up the exploration of talents in urgent need in key areas; By2020,the number of professionals in economic short supply will reach over 5million , and they will be allocated in such fields as equipment manufacturing, information, biotechnology, new material, aerospace, ocean, financial accounting, international business ,ecological environmental protection, new energy ,communication and transportation,agriculture technology, propaganda ideological and cultural work; The number of professionals in social short supply will reach over 8million , and they will be allocated in education, politics and law, propaganda ideology and culture, medical health, disaster prevention and mitigation; All in all, the number of professional talents in key areas will be abundant in the near future , with significantly improvement of their overall qualities and innovation ability, and the reasonable structure.
Major measures: Strengthen overall planning and classification guidance over industry, and industry talent development, focusing on the development of key areas, carry out the talent demand forecasting, so that regularly issue the talent directory in urgent need; Adjust and optimize the subjects’ set in higher learning institutions, and intensively train the research and development personnel, and technical management in urgent need; Massive carry out knowledge update training for professional personnel  in key areas; Construct training bases for engineering innovation, establish and perfect the engineer's certification and accreditation system in line with international standards, to improve their professional level; According to the national plans, make preferential policy push talents, especially industry leaders, and engineering technical personnel move towards to key industries; Continue to execute “A Group of Four” talent raising project ,and strengthen high-level talent teams construction in areas ,including philosophy and social science, news, publishing ,literature and art; Pay attention to training Marxist theoreticians especially young and middle-aged theorists; Rely on the major philosophical and social science projects, and vigorously develop leaders of philosophy and social science academic;
Strengthen personnel training in the propaganda ideology, culture and medical areas; Support scientists in key areas to participate in the international research plan and academic communication; Improve incentive measures for research staff allocation in key areas; Establish coordination mechanism for related departments’ talents development in key areas.
(3)  Balance Promoting the Construction of Talents in Every Field
1 Political talents
Development goals: According to the requirements of raising the party's governing capability and advancement, regard improving the leadership level and ruling ability as the core, focusing on the senior leading cadres, so that establish high quality political talents with firm politics, innovation, honesty and integrity, down-to-earth, and promising. By 2020, the proportion of cadres having undergraduate certificate or above in those of party and government is 85%, whose specialized level will improve significantly and the structure tends to be more reasonable.
Major measures: Follow the laws of the scientific development and cadres’ growth, and carry out education training for massive cadres to strengthen the cadres’ self-study; Execute the project for improving the qualities and capabilities of political cadres ,and build up the four-in-one system for cadres’ training and education, including theoretical education , knowledge education, party nature education and putting these in to practice; Adhere to the criteria that ability and moral integrity are basic to employ people, insist on the reform principles of democracy, openness, competition and selecting the best ,and establish employing orientations ,including firm belief, attention to conduct, scientific development, believing in the work, placing importance on the grass-roots, encouraging  innovation, and enjoying popular support; Expand democracy in the cadres’ work, intensify efforts to select political cadres in a competitive way, broaden channels for selecting and employing, and raise the level of scientific work, in order to make outstanding people easily come to the fore; Construct the talents engineering among cadre reserve and pay attention to selecting political talents from grass root and front-line; Enhance the work on educating, training, and select female cadres, from ethnic minorities and non-Party; Implement the system of cadre management work; Establish and perfect work standard and duties of political cadres and evaluation criteria on their capabilities; Improve the system of classified management of political cadres; Promote cadres’ inter-section and inter-region exchanges and push forward cadres’ important position in the party and government institutions to exchange and work shift on regular; Perfect restraint and balance mechanisms on power to strengthen the cadres supervision.
2 Business management expertises
Development goals: Meet the demands of optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and implementation of the "go global" strategy, raise the modern management level and enterprise's competitive ability as the core, focus on the strategic entrepreneur and professional manager, accelerate the  professionalism , marketization , specialization and internationalization, to cultivate excellent entrepreneurs and high-level business management leaders with globalization strategy , expanding the market’s spirit ,administrative creativity, and social responsibility; By 2015, the total number of managerial talents will reach 35millon, and by 2020, it will amount to 42millon and about 100 entrepreneurs leading Chinese enterprise among the world's top 500, around 40 thousand international talents in state-owned and state-holding enterprise ,and 50% state-owned enterprises leaders selected through competitive way.
Major measures: Relying on the famous multinational corporation, high-level universities at home and abroad, and other training institutions, strengthen managerial training, and enhance management capacity of strategy and cross-culture; Select state-owned enterprises leaders combining the choosing of organization and market; Improve the administrator systems ,such as appointment, tenure , and goal duty ;Improve evaluation system on the managerial talents at the core of market and the investor recognition, by actively developing the relative mechanism ,to further establish aptitude evaluation system for socialized professional entrepreneurs; Perfect the management achievement appraisal system , and medium - and long-term incentive systems, covering annual salary management,  agreement to pay, stock-based  incentive, etc; Establish managerial talents pool, train and introduce innovative entrepreneurs and specialized personnel urgent needed by enterprises in such fields as strategic planning ,fund operating , technical administration, and project management ;Implement the quality improvement project on managerial talent and “Yin He Training Project" for small and medium sized enterprises.
3 Technical workers
Development goals: To meet the needs of socialist modernization drive, raising the specialized level and creative capability as the core, focusing on the high level and talents in short supply, we want to cultivate massive qualified specialists. By 2015, the gross of specialists will reach 68million, and by 2020, 75millon, accounted 10% in the employee .The ratio of senior, intermediate, and junior specialists will be 10 - 40 - 50.
Major measures: Further enlarge the specialists ‘training scale and enhance their innovative capabilities; construct classified continuing education system for specialists, and speed up executing projects, including their knowledge updating project, New Century Talents Project, youth talents development plan , training qualified educators project, cultural experts project, and national health personnel guarantee project; Make great efforts to train modern talents in service industry ,especially in modern logistics ,ecommerce, law, consultancy, accountancy, industrial design, intellectual property, food safety and tourism, and also pay attention to the specialists in traditional service industry; Formulate fluid talent polices ,such as taking a temporary post ,short term work ,and  project cooperation ,etc, and guide the specialists in political institutions ,research institutions, and higher education colleges to enterprises ,social organizations and grass-roots ,for the sake of reasonable allocation of specialists; Plan  as a whole to promote the reform in academic title and professional qualification system; Improve government allowances system and the method of specialists’ income distribution, to intensify incentives and scientific management in particular ;Perfect jobs and  living conditions of specialists in grass- roots and pay attention to give the retired specialists full play.
4 highly skilled workers
Development goals: Adapting to the requests of following a new path of industrialization and the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, promoting professional quality and professional skills as the core, by focusing on advanced technicians, we aim to form highly skilled talent teams. By 2015, the gross of highly skilled workers will reach 34millon and 39million by 2020, among which around 10 million will be technician and advanced technician.
Major measures: Improve the highly skilled workers training system, which is based on vocational colleges and takes the enterprises as the main body; Strengthen the vocational training, by planning as a whole to develop vocational education, making full use of the present vocational training resources, and depending on large-scale mainstay enterprise (Group), key vocational colleges and training institutions ,we want to build up state-level demonstration bases for high-skilled talents; Reform the model of running vocational schools, vigorously promote the cooperation between school and enterprise , the combination of work and study; Strengthen the development of  teaching staff about vocational education; introduce academic certificate and professional qualification certificate systems into vocational education and gradually realize systems, including free secondary vocational education system and students’ subsidy system; Implement the revitalization plan of national high -skilled talents; Promote diversified evaluation way on skilled talents; Formulate the common method for high -skilled talents and engineering and technical personnel; Build up inheritance mechanism for high-skilled talents’ stunts; Widely hold various contests for vocational skills and carry out job training activities; Improve the awardees’ selection system for National high-skilled talents to further enhance their treatment and social statue.
5 rural practical talents
Development goals: For building up the new socialist rural areas, regarding improving the technical quality, vocational skills and operation capacity as the core, by focusing on the leaders among the rural practical talents and rural production management personnel, we decide to form sufficient rural practical talents team featured with serving the development of rural social and economic development. By 2015,the total number of rural practical talents will reach 13millon ,and 18 million in 2020,with an average education length of 10.2years.In every incorporated village, there will be at least one or two demonstrative leaders.
Major measures: Put in great efforts to train the rural practical talents, and fully take advantage of the following things, including modern distance education network in rural areas, cultural information resource , all kinds of training programs for farmer education, the agricultural technology popularizing system ,various vocational colleges and training institutions; Improve training network for the county vocational education, push forward the quality improvement plan for the leaders in rural practical talents, and focus on implementation of talents supporting modern agriculture; Encourage and support the rural practical talents to establish professional organizations and associations, accelerate cultivating administrators, leaders of Farmers’ professional cooperative organization and the countryside brokerages. Actively support the rural practical talents to start a business, and give policy support in such areas as enterprising training, project approval, credit-granting, and land use; According to local conditions, establish the evaluation system for rural practical talents; Increase rewards and propagation to improve their social statue, and public finance support to train such talents as agricultural technician urgent needed in agriculture development, teachers, and doctors; Continue to support talents counterparts in urban and rural, and boost their work, including 10 thousand doctors’ support rural health, urban teachers' support to rural education, social workers serving to build up a new socialist countryside, science and technology talents working for agriculture.
6 social work personnel
Development goals: To meet the demand of building up a socialist harmonious society, based on training talents and job development, by focusing on junior and senior social workers, we devote ourselves to cultivating a group of professional and specialized talent teams. By 2015, the total number of social work personnel will reach 2million and 3million by 2020.
Major measures: Build up training system for social work personnel of different academic levels, coordinated education, professional training, and knowledge spread; Strengthen the construction of subject system and related training bases; Enhance the training for employees’ professional knowledge ,and formulate the system of training quality indicators for social work; Establish and perfect the evaluation system for social work personnel , and enhance the related professionalized management for them; Accelerate taking policy measures to open social works; Impel the construction of public service institutions, urban and rural communities and non-profit institutions, and perfect the policy for nurturing and managing social organizations by law; Execute constructing standard demonstrative project for social work service organization; Study how to formulate the policy for government purchasing social work service; Build up linkage mechanism with social work personnel and volunteers.
III.  The Innovation of System and Mechanism
(1) Improve Management System of Talent
   1 Improve the leading system of the political talents
   Performance target: Insist on the principle of the party being in charge of talents, and innovate the related method; The relevant departments do their jobs and closely cooperate with each other, and the whole society to participate in; Giving full play of the Party Committee as the center of leadership, by planning as a whole for economic, social and talents development, by performing their duty of the macro- policy, coordinating and serving, to train talents through cause, practice, mechanism, and law ,we further  improve the managerial level; People in charge of the party  should have strong sense of talents, be good at discovering, cultivating, uniting ,employing and serving for them.
Primary mission: Put forward relevant suggestions for the party to govern talents working; Perfect the leading body of party committees at all levels on the talents work, construct such mechanisms as scientific decision-making mechanism, coordinating and monitoring mechanisms ,and  finally to form the operating mechanism, featured with combination of centralization and decentralization , making joint efforts, efficient and coordination, and the whole advancement; Set up the responsibility system for the party’s personnel work to increase the importance of the personnel work in the comprehensive evaluation index system of the party and government leading body at all levels; Set up the reporting system for the standing committee of party committees at all levels to listen to the personnel work; Perfect the system for party committee to contact the experts; Execute expert consultation on major issues ; Bring the government human resources management and the staff in to full play , fully mobilize people in organizations, enterprise , public institutions , and social organizations, so that forming a new situation where the talents work together as a whole.
2 Improve the personnel management mode
  Performance target: Focus on making full use of the talents, and improve the personnel management system which is the government macro management, market effectively distribution, the units independently choosing and employing persons, talents independently choosing jobs; improve the macro management, push the government’s function transferring to create good environment and provide satisfying public service, and management method, which is order, open and efficient; Give full play of the market’s fundamental role in allocating the human resources ; Follow the principles of open and invigorate , taxonomy guiding , scientific and standard , deepen the personnel system reform of state-owned enterprises and institutions ,innovate management system and transfer the employing system , and broaden the employers' right to select employees and make full use of  their main function in training ,attracting and employing.
Primary mission: According to the overall layout of the government administration system reform, perfect the personnel management and operation mechanism; Regulate the administrative action, drive the relative department to simplify administration and transfer power  ,especially to administrative examination, approval , and charges; Classify advance the reform of personnel system in institutions, and gradually set up such personnel management systems as separated rights and duties, scientific classification , flexible mechanism , and powerful regulatory; Overcome the tendencies of administrative official standard in managerial talents; Cancel the administrative managerial model in such public institutions as research institutes, schools, hospitals, etc; to explore establishing corporation administering structure in the form of the council, the board in public institutions; Construct the personnel management system adapted to the modern scientific institute system, the modern university institution system,  and the public healthcare system. Improve  and perfect the leaders’ management system in State-owned enterprises and enterprise personnel system to meet the demand of the modern enterprise; Encourage local and industry to build up reform experimental zones for talents management in line with the related international system, according to their circumstances.
3 Strengthen the construction of law in talents work
Performance target: Insisting on protecting talents by law and pushing forward the talents management in scientific, institutionalized and normalized way, we gradually build up legal system conducive to the talents development; Strengthen legislation and establish laws and regulations for talents covering security, rights and interests, market management, cultivating, attraction and employment.
Primary mission: Study and formulate the laws and regulations, including promotion laws for talents development, lifelong learning, wage management, the personnel management of public institutions ,further education for professional and technical personnel, the professional qualification management , the management of human resources market , and foreign experts working in China; Perfect the laws and regulations on protecting personnel and employer’s rights.
(2) Innovate Talents Working Mechanism
1The mechanism of qualified personnel's development
Performance target: Insisting on regarding the national development and social requirement as the guidance, improving the ideology and innovative ability as the core, and the systems of modern national people’s lifelong education, we should attach attention to discovering and cultivating talents in the practice, in order to build up the mechanism of qualified personnel's development ; Face the modernization ,the world and the future ,give full play of the  education’s fundamental role in cultivating talents, based on training all-round development personnel, stress on training innovative people, propel education reform , and put  forward the educational fairness, and improve education quality; planning as whole to further education and generally form into a learning society.
Primary mission: Make the socialist core values system education penetrate the whole personnel's development, and improve continually their ideology level; Build up talents training structure and dynamic regulatory mechanism in line with the socioeconomic development, and optimize educational disciplines ,types ,structures, hierarchies and regional distribution; Innovate personnel training mode, and comprehensively promote quality education; According to their aptitude to build up system for cultivating top students in higher learning institutions; Reform the college entrance examination and enrollment system, and construct the social evaluation mechanism; Perfect the protection mechanism for the vocational education development and reform its education mode; Improve the further education system of staff on the job, and classify to formulate the regular training; Establish lifelong education system, covering network, opening and independency ,vigorously developing long distance education and various professional training institutions; Construct military talents training system of civil-military integration.
2 Discovery mechanisms for talents evaluation
Performance target: Establish the discovery mechanisms for talents evaluation , characterized by socialization and science, based on job responsibility and make morality, capability and performance as the guidance; Improve the  talents’ evaluation standard , overcome the tendency of emphasizing  academic background and papers, do not nitpick about talents and evaluate them on practice and contribution ;Enhance the talents evaluation methods and broaden channels; Combine the evaluation and discovery of them in the practice and the crowd.
Primary mission: Improve scientific occupational classification system and standards for talents capability quality; Establish the staff’s check and evaluation in public institutions, based on posts performance evaluation; Perfect the evaluation mechanism for professional and technical personnel; Accelerate to promote the title system reform and regulate professional and technical personnel admittance; Improve professional evaluation approaches for  them  to the increased level of socialization, and post evaluation approach for specialized skills so that secure the employer’s independence; Perfect the check and evaluation method on state-owned enterprise leaders ,based on the tenure goat ,regard work performance as the core, and explore multiple evaluation mechanisms and step by step to perfect the check and evaluation methods in  the socialized professional skill,enterprise technical personnel, college vocational qualification and special vocational ability; Establish and perfect the check and evaluation mechanism for the party and government leading cadres , the system of civil servant position classification, talents’ discovery in the implementation of major scientific and research projects  ,and the social mechanism for recommending talents.
3 Select and appoint talents mechanism
Performance target: Reform talents’ selecting and appointment mechanism in order to give them full play, by employing them scientifically and promoting the best use of their life; Deepen reform of selecting and appointment mechanism for the party and government leading carders to increase the public faith, for the state-owned enterprise leaders to the hiring of market, for public institutions leaders to improve the post management system.
Primary mission: Improve systems of opening selection and competition for position of the party and government leading carders, explore many competitive selecting approaches, such as open recommendation and open election ,and regulate their nomination accuracy system; Execute the voting system that the local party committee decide to appoint the major carders after discussion, and the tenure system ; Establish the selection and appointment system for the official and the state-owned enterprises leaders, combined with organization selection ,market distribution and legal management ,and improve the selection system for state asset creditors and the appointment approaches for public institutions leaders; Completely promote the mechanism of opening selection and competition for position in public institutions; Establish the global recruiting system for major posts in public institutions and heads of the national major projects.
4 Talents flow and allocation mechanism
Performance target: According to the requirement of perfecting the socialist market economy mechanism, pushing forward the building up talents market, improving the market serving function, smoothing the professional’ flow ,we want to establish talents flow and allocation mechanism covering governments macro control ,market’ s fair competition, intermediary organizations serving ,and independently choosing jobs; Perfect the supply, price and competition mechanism in talents market ,and further promote the supply and demand about talents in place; Vigorously develop talents service industry , strengthen the government policy guiding and monitor on talents flow to push forward their balanced development in industries and regions , to promote the efficient allocation of human resources.
Primary mission: Based on the more open human resources market to develop professionals; Improve the talents market service system, which should be professional, informational, industrial and international; Actively build up the talents market service institutions, and pay attention to giving full play of the service association; Further break the barriers in the talents flow system, and take measures to have the fundamental role of the market allocation to play; Propel reform of the government-affiliated talents service institutions to achieve separating public service units from government; Gradually establish the system of unified household registration in urban and rural,  and adjust its residence migration policy conducible to attract talents; Speed up to build up the public management service system of social personnel files and improve the approach of the social security’s transfer; Make the talents demand information for periodic publication; Perfect such systems as labor contract, and the personnel relationship disputes, etc, and protect the legal rights of talents and public institutions; Improve regional talents’ exchange and cooperation mechanism in line with the large-scale development of the western region, and the work of rejuvenating northeast China and other old industrial bases , boosting the development of the central region ,and the eastern region leading the country in development, and accelerate the process of integration of regional talent development in areas like the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and Bohai Rim; Guide the talents to be reasonable allocated .
5 Talents incentive mechanism
Performance target: Improve the allocation, incentive and the security systems, and establish the incentive security mechanism, which is related to the work performance, fully realizes talents value, arouses talents vigor and protects their legal rights; Perfect various wage system, and strengthen macro management on income distribution to make it order specification ,arouse vigor ,emphasize fairness and strong regulations ;Combine the spiritual incentives with  material rewards ,and perfect the talents rewarding system ,make the government rewarding as a guide and that of the public institutions and the society as the main part, and the social security system emphasizing the old-age pension, medical insurance to form the talents security system united the whole society.
Primary mission: Make overall plans and coordinate the income distribution in the party and government institutions, and the public sector, and steadily push forward the reform wage system; Set up incentive property system and  figure out methods to make production factors such as knowledge, technical skills, management, and distribute according to contribution; Perfect the state-owned talents’ incentive mechanism ,take the medium and long term incentive option, such as stocks and options, and give priority to innovative personnel; Steadily enhance the basic pensions for enterprise retirees,  and tilt toward the high level professionals retiring in enterprises; Establish the salary system of performance in public institutions and put forward multiple allocation ways, such as the consultative payment system for the high level talents and high-skilled workers; Set up national honorable system to honor the talents who make brilliant contribution in the development of social economy; Adjust and regulate the awarding items ,study and formulate the talents security approach and support public institutions to set up pensions and health insurance for talents; Expand the coverage of social security programs for talents in rural ,nonpublic organizations and new social organizations.
IV.   Significant Policy
(1)  Fiscal, Taxation and Financial Policies Ensuring the Priority of Talents Investment
Governments at all levels put priority to the investment in talents development, so that ensure the spending increase of national education, science and technology higher than that of the financial recurrent revenue,  and the input increase of health higher than  that of the financial recurrent spending; Steadily improve the factors input structure for economic and social development, relatively substantially increase the investment in human capital, and enhance the investment benefits; Further pursue efforts to funds investment of talents development to guarantee the implementation of major related projects; Encourage and support the enterprises and social organizations to set up funds for talents development, and arrange part of the major construction and the scientific research project funds to train talents; Appropriate adjust the fiscal and tax policy to increase the ratio of enterprise staff training expenditure; Encourage and guide society ,public institutions and individual to invest in the human resources development ,by preferential policies such as tax and discount; Greater fiscal transfers and payments towards the central and western regions, and guide these regions reinforce investment in talents development; Utilize the international financial organizations and foreign countries loan to develop talents. 
(2)  Enterprise-College-Research Cooperation Training Policy
Build up the enterprise-college-research strategic alliance under the guidance of government, performed by enterprises , directed by market forces and in multiple forms , through many means such as the Construction of science and technology innovation platform ,carry out  cooperation education and Implementation of major projects together, to cultivate the high level talents and innovative teams ; Execute innovation plans in post graduated education, develop professional degree education, establish high level talents exchange in the institutions of higher learning, scientific and research and enterprises and push forward the binary tutor system by enterprise-college-research cooperation training; Reform and improve the post-doctoral system , establish a wide range of investment channels ,make best use  of the main body function of the institutions of higher learning, scientific and research and enterprises to enhance the level of post-doctoral; Implement talents and projects’ modes ,depending on the national major plans of talents and projects, such as major scientific and research ,engineering ,industry and international scientific and technologic cooperation, have the enterprises role to play and gather and cultivate talents in the practice; Implement preferential fiscal and taxation policy in enterprises employing the interns from universities and vocational colleges.
(3) Guiding Talents to flow into the Rural Grass-roots and Remote Areas Policy
For talents into the rural grass-roots and remote areas , execute policy to tilt in such aspects as wages, posts and titles , and improve the standard of remote areas wages , work and life condition; Take measures ,including  the buying the employment position by the government, and preference for employment to the officials , encourage and guide the graduates to find jobs in rural, and small and medium enterprises; Gradually increase the ratio of party and government organs at or above the provincial level to select public servants from basic level; Formulate approaches for graduates to start a business and find jobs in remote areas and  develop the posts for grassroots management and public service ; Send and rotate of the officials to serve and work in grassroots; Perfect the measure that send the sic-tech commissioners to serve in the rural and enterprises; Execute the talents support policy that east drive west and urban drive rural, and guide the talents flow to the west and rural; Implementation of the graduates trained in the grassroots and continue to do a good job in three assistances and one relief project , the volunteer service on the western regions of university students and teaching position program for rural compulsory education students; Strengthen and improve works ,such as carders support Tibet , PhDs who will take up official posts, visiting scholar of west light , minority technology backbone and special cultivation of bilingual teachers of primary school in ethnic minority areas, and provide talents and wisdom for the western and ethnic minority areas; Develop an assistance plan for talents in remote areas ,ethnic minority in the frontier and old revolutionary areas.
(4) Assistant  Policy of Entrepreneurial Talent
Promote the business development of financing mode of IPRs pledge loan, and startup loan, and perfect the financing policy to assist talents’ startup, and measures regarding the intellectual property and technology as the capital share; Intensify the tax preferential policy and fiscal discount , support entrepreneurial venture investment fund and build up scientific and technological enterprises, to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; Strengthen the entrepreneurial skills training and entrepreneurial service guiding to enhance the success of startup; Continue to invest in the infrastructures, such as business incubators, establish internet for startup ,and explore various forms to provide service for talents entrepreneurship; Make  incentive security measures for staff working in scientific institutions and institutions of higher learning to startup.
(5) Painstaking Research and Innovation Policy of Sic-Tech Workers
Create different vocational ways for technology and management personnel in scientific institutions, institutions of higher learning and enterprises, encourage and support technology personnel to achieve something, enjoy the corresponding social status and financially equivalent in the innovation practices; Push forward staff system for the management personnel in public institutions; Improve research management system, enlarge the employers' right to select employees and the autonomous rights of research funding ,and perfect systems ,including institutes make decision, manage and monitor; Build up resources allocation and academic development pattern led by learning and innovation performance ;Improve the evaluation system of science and technology, and evaluation method guided by innovation and quality , and overcome the tendency of check’s over frequency and over-quantification ; Intensify input in scientific institutions, such as engaged in basic research, research in cutting-edge technology and research for public benefit, and build up the innovation performance evaluation system in scientific institutions funded by the fiscal; Perfect management means of science and technology expenditure and the National S&T programs ,and  give long -term stable support for high level innovative teams; Improve allocation encourage mechanism in scientific institutions ,and priority given to key posts and excellent top talents ;Enhance the life condition of youth talents in technology and science and firstly solve the housing problem In the construction of national affordable housing.
(6) Rational Flowing Policy of Political Talents, Corporate Managers and Technical Workers
Push forward the reasonable flow policy for political talents, managerial talents and professionals, perfect their exchange and work system, break the barriers of talent identity, institutions, departments, etc, to build up an open environment for employing ; Enlarge exchange range of leaders in public institutions and public sectors in cross-regional and inter-departmental; Broaden the channels of party and government personnel , improve the personnel selection system in public institutions and social organization , and the security method of  political talents transferring to enterprises.
(7) More Open Talents Policy
Vigorously attract high level talents to return China for startup, and make special policies, such as involved in  entries and exits or applying for long-term residence, tax, insurance, residence, entrance, spouses’ jobs, holding leading positions, bearing the major project of science and technology, participating in building up national level, the academician selection and  government prize; Build up the system for overseas talents  on distinguished experts; Encourage them return China to work , start a business and serve our people; Strengthen the building up business incubator development for Chinese overseas returnees, and provide fund and financing  for them; Create  unified information base and information issuing platform for overseas high level talents ;Improve  the system of foreigners’ permanent residence status ,and attract foreign talents to work in China; Put more efforts in introducing foreign talents ,explore skilled migration, and draw up plans ,including foreign intellectual resources supply , discovery and evaluation, market access ,using  incentives, performance evaluations, etc; Enlarge the scale of Chinese overseas students dispatched by government and overseas students learning in China; Develop the qualified education training resources at home and abroad, and imperfect the related management system and measures; Support research institutes, universities to corporate with the overseas related organs  to set up research base ,and push forward  Chinese enterprises set up overseas R&D institutions; Encourage and recommend excellent talents to appoint at the international organizations; Propel mutual recognition of professional qualifications in the world and regions; Develop international talents market ,and cultivate number of intermediary services agencies for international personnel; Formulate the policies and strategies that protect the national key talents safety.
(8) Encouraging Talent Development Policy in the Non-Public Economic Organizations and New Social Organizations
Treat organizations’ talents equally and fairly in the socialist market economy system; Make talents development in the non-public economic organizations and new social organizations into the governments at all levels targets and put forward many constructive proposals on that; The government policies that training ,attracting ,evaluating ,and employing for talents ,should be equal access to them; The public resources such as funds ,projects ,information for supporting the talents startup ,should be open to them equally; They should  participate equally in Government-back activities ,such as talents propaganda, honoring and rewarding .
(9) Public Service Policy Promoting Talents Development
Perfect the public service system for government personnel, set up unified national service network ,and public service platforms ,including personnel agency , insurance agent, enterprise ’ employee registration, conciliation and arbitration of labor and personnel disputes, personnel files management, and employment services to meet the demand of versatile talents ;Innovate the public service pattern provided by the government to talents ,and establish the system that the government purchase the public service to create conditions for balance their family, job, and obligations; Enhance the standard management of the public service products and vigorously develop the related products.
(10)Intellectual Property Protection(IPP) Policy
Implement state IPR strategy; Set technology achievements constituents, perfect mechanisms such as, intellectual property rights of scientific and technological achievements and benefit sharing, and protect the creators’ legal rights; Clearly outline service inventors’ rights and interests, and raise the ratio of them; Work on sharing ways of inventors’ rights and interests in the flow process; Set non service invention system ,and enhance support and management for that; Draw up  funding plans for countries to support individuals ,small and medium-sized enterprise to innovation ,and encourage them to generate a lot of intellectual property; Build up platforms for the pattern technology transformation; Perfect the IPP measures for intangible cultural heritage bearers and the related work system to raise the propaganda of intellectual property and enforcement of law; Establish and improve the social credit system conducible to protect IPP; Create legality to IPP, market and culture atmosphere, promote strengths in creating, utilizing, protecting, and management to put forward the international cooperation and exchange.
V.   Major Projects to Foster Talented Personnel
(1) Innovative Talents Promotion Plan
For actively responding to the international scientific competition, raising the capacity for independent innovation, focusing on cultivating a number of world-class scientists, we plan to set 100 scientists studios in the field of  scientific research which has a comparative advantage in China; Aiming at the forefront of world science and technology and  strategic emerging industries, every year support will be focused on training a number of young and middle-aged leading talents in science and technology innovation ; With a view to drive the enterprise serving as the mainstay of the technology innovation ,every year the important 1000 science and technology innovators will be supported; Rely on key state-funded science programs , national key projects and major construction projects,  build up  creative teams in key fields; Depending universities, research institutes, and high and new tech development zone, establish 300 model bases for training talents.
(2) Young Talents Development Plan
With an eye to talents’ fundamental training and strategic development and improve China's future talents’ competitiveness, every year the support will be focus on training youth top talents in  key subjects fields like nature science , philosophy and social science and culture and art;Establish the national youth talents training bases in the predominant subjects of high-level research universities and research institutes, and select top students to train every year ,according to the principles ,including strict entrance, small scale, emphasizing  distinctive features and high level; For the sake of cultivating high quality and Professional management talents required to the nation ,every year we will select excellent students graduated  from  high school and universities to further study in foreign first-class universities.
(3) The Quality Promotion Project of Enterprise Business Management
Focus on enhancing operational management level of our modern enterprises and international competitiveness, we will train  a number of entrepreneurs with the world vision , strategic thinking, creative spirit and operational capacity by 2020 and 10 thousand managerial talents who are proficient in special knowledge such as strategic planning, capital operation,human resources management , finance and accounting, and law.
(4)  The Training Project of High Quality Talents
For the construction of high quality and innovative talents team, in these ways such as training, academic exchange and the project’s support , every year we will focus on training and support 20 thousand model teachers , dual-double teachers , academic leaders and the principals, educators, famous teachers, and subject bellwethers in primary and secondary schools, vocational colleges and institutions of higher learning.
(5) Cultural Expert Project
For the purpose of better promoting the propaganda of ideological and cultural work, further improve the national cultural soft power and looking at cultivating a number of outstanding talents, with high attainments ,achievement  highlighted, and broad influence in the field of propaganda of ideological and cultural ,every year the support will be focus on funding famous artists in philosophy and social science ,news publication , radio, film and television, culture and art and preservation of cultural relics to undertake major research tasks, programs and performs and carry out activities like creative research , exchange meeting and publishing monographs. By 2020, the number of famous artists in the field of the propaganda of ideological and cultural funded by the state will reach 2000.
(6) Talents Guarantee Project of People Health and Hygienic
In line with the deepen reform of medical system and protecting the people’s health, make more efforts to train health care staff; By 2020, cultivate a number of medical core talents and provide them scientific research funds;Carry out standardization training of residents, and  train 50 thousand resident doctors; Strengthen the construction of  grass - roots health personnel focusing on general practitioner, we will train 300 thousand general practitioners by various ways and improve the service in the grass - roots health .
(7)  The Introduction Plan of Overseas High-level Personnel
Focus around the strategic goal of national development, the central, the relative departments, and local adoption layer and plan to attract strategic scientists and creative talents who can break through key technology, develop high and new technology industries and promote the development of emerging subjects; The central government decide to execute the “Thousand people plan”, set up innovative and venture bases for overseas top talents and attract around 2000 overseas top talents to return China during 5to 10 years .
(8) Knowledge Updating Project of Professional and Technical Personnel
Focusing around the economic structural adjustment of China, the development of high-tech industries and the improvement of innovation ability, and carrying out massive knowledge updating project in major fields such as equipment producer, information, biotechnology, new material, ocean, financial accounting, protection of ecology and environment, energy resources, disaster prevention and mitigation, modern transportation, agricultural technology and the social work ,we will train 1 million high level ,urgent needed and core professionals, and by 2020,the total number will be around 10 million per year. Rely on universities, research institutes and existing teaching institutions of large enterprises, and set up a number of national further education bases.
(9) The Revitalization Plan of National Skillful Talents
Adapt to the requirement of following a new path of industrialization and accelerating the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, and strengthen the construction of vocational colleges and the bases to train high skilled talents .By 2020, we plan to set up a number of professionals’ workshops, 1200 training bases for high skilled talents and 1 million senior technicians.
(10)The Assistant Plan of Modern Agriculture Talents
Adapting to the demand of building up a new socialist countryside and accelerating the development of modern agriculture, we put more efforts to support modern agriculture; By 2020, select a number of agricultural outstanding talents and give them scientific research funds; Support 10 thousand agricultural popularization talents with outstanding contribution to carry out technology communications , study and presentation ;Select 30 thousand heads of leading enterprises and professional cooperation organization, 10 thousand excellent production management personnel like good producers and rural agents .
(11)The Talent’s Supporting Plan of Remote and Poor Areas,Frontier Minority Area and Old Revolutionary Areas
For accelerating the development of remote and poor areas,frontier minority area and old revolutionary areas and achieving the goals of public service and such like ,we adopt preferential policy in duties and title promotion , and guide 100 thousand  outstanding teachers ,doctors , sic-tech , social  and cultural workers to work or serve in remote and poor areas, frontier minority area and old revolutionary areas per year.10 thousand urgent need talents will be trained in these places.
(12)The Grass-roots Nurturing Plan of College Graduates
Aimed at solving the grass-roots’ talents shortage problem, especially in the central and western regions, cultivate back up talents and actively guide and encourage the graduates to work in the grass-roots; Execute the plan “one village ,one graduate” ,and select 100 thousand graduates to appoint in villages in 5 years. Finally by 2020, this goal will come true. Through various approaches, such as government purchasing jobs , tuition and student loan decompensation and startup assistant, guide the graduates to serve ,obtain employment and self-employed in rural and community .
VI.   Organization and Implementation
(1) Strengthening Organizational Leadership on Implementing Work of the Talents Development Plan Outline
(1) The central coordination groups for personnel work take in charge of the whole planning and macro guidance to the implementation of talent development program, including draw up disaggregated plans of tasks and the implementation of key projects, and establish monitoring, evaluation and check mechanism to enhance supervision.
(2) Establishing and Improving the System of the Talents Development Plan
Every province (autonomous regions, municipalities), the central and related departments must be guided by the Talents Development Plan, and formulate talents development program for region, industry and key fields to form the national system of talents development program.
(3) Building up a Fine Social Environment to Carry Out the Talents Development Plan
Vigorously publicize the  great strategic thought and policies in the party and the state personnel work, the vital significance in implementing the program and its guideline, task and major measures, and the typical experience ,practice and results in the program’s execution , so that form the good environment characterized by the whole society to care and support the talents development.
(4) Strengthening the Fundamental Construction of Talents Work
Carry out in-depth talents theoretical research, and actively explore the basic law of human resources exploitation;Enhance the construction of personnel subject , research institutions ,and  human resources of statistics system  and release it regularly; Propel the talents work informatization ,and set up talents network and database; Strengthen the construction of talents work ,vigorously train them and raise the political quality and performance of talent work.
The talents development program of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the People’s Armed Police should be formulated separately by the Central Military Commission.